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Genetically Inherited Diseases - 2257 Words

Introduction: Chromosomes are long structures that are made up of DNA and proteins called histones. They are found in the Chromatin material in the nucleus and mitochondira. During the process â€Å"Crossing over† where there is the mutual exchange of genes in the pieces of chromosomes that causes variation in offspring, however this is where mutations commonly occur. If a parent has either a faulty gene or a missing gene, the child is usually at high risk of being diagnosed with the disorder or may be a carrier. Definition of a genetically inherited disease: â€Å"A genetic disease or disorder is the result of changes, or mutations, in an individual’s DNA. A mutation is a change in the DNA sequence that make up a gene† When a gene is mutated or is not present, its protein product can no longer carry out its normal function, and thus disorder or genetically inherited disease can occur. ADRENOLEUKODYSTROPHY (ADL) Description: Adrenoleukodystrophy (also known as X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy, ALD, X-ALD, adrenomyeloneuropathy, Siemerling-Creutzfeldt disease, or Bronze Schilder disease) is a progressive type of a genetically inherited disease that can cause damage to the myelin sheath, spinal cord and white matter in the central nervous system. When affected with ADL your body cannot break down very long-chain fatty acids (VLCFA), causing high levels of saturated VLCFA’s to build up in the brain, nervous system, adrenal glands and Leydig cells in the testes. The childhoodShow MoreRelatedEssay on Prions the Proteinacious Killer1061 Words   |  5 Pagesit various diseases, or spongiform encephalopathies. Various forms of these diseases have been found in many animal species, including humans. The actual means by which PrPSc propagates itself remains unknown but scientists believe the modified protein alters the normal protein molecules. The diseases may be contracted in a variety of ways. They may be genetically inherited, acquired by contamination, or occur sporadically on their own. All forms, however, are fatal. The Prion Diseases: SeveralRead MoreGenetic Engineering Is Responsible And Manipulating The Genes Of An Organism1707 Words   |  7 Pagesengineer one’s children genetically, but technological advancements in the medical and scientific fields have allowed this as a possible option for potential parents. Genetic engineering is controlling and manipulating the genes of an organism. Genetic engineering is usually used to improve the organism’s functions; these organisms are known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetic engineering is commonly used for the food industry. One benefit that results from genetically modified foods is theRead MoreUnit Title: Biochemistry Of Nucleic Acids.(A.C. 5.1 And1583 Words   |  7 Pagessuch if the signals are missing, cells replicate excessively and mutate, forming a tumour, and later, a primary cancer (American cancer society 2014). Figure 1.1. Mutation of the DNA leads to severe diseases such as cancer. (Midhath 2012) Mutation are abnormal changes in the DNA of a gene (Figure 1.1 above) (Midhath 2012). The building block of DNA are called sequences of bases, which determine the gene and its functions (American Cancer SocietyRead MoreWhat Are Ivf Or Pgd? Ivf? Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pagesof: 1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 2. Comparative Genome Hybridisation (CGH) 3. Fluorescence In Stu Hybridisation (FISH) PCR looks at a certain gene that may be an inherited family trait or disorder. An amplification of this specific gene identifies if any mutation is present in the foetus. PCR can find any genetically inherited mutation as long as the location of the gene is known, however it is extremely sensitive to contamination . Because couples seeking IVF have x10 greaterRead MoreGenetically Modified Babies Essay1065 Words   |  5 PagesThe future of genetically modified children could be closer than we think. Children born through mitochondrial replacement therapy are named ‘three parent babies’ due to the contribution of nuclear DNA from the father, nuclear DNA from the mother, and mitochondrial DNA from a donor (Hayden, 2008). For many people this concept illustrates several ethical issues and there have been suggestions of it being a type of genetic engineering for ‘designer babies’ and a negative eugenic practice (Collins,Read MoreGenetic Engineering : Technology, Equipment, And Experimentation Essay1678 Words   |  7 Pagescould involve taking out the gene from another organism’s genome and combine it with the DNA of the other individual, this will enable the genetically modified human to express the trait, coded by the new gene. More and more scientists are eager to explore this particular field of science and this brings one of the most contentious topics of all time, genetically engineering humans. Initially, if genetic engineering were to take place the enhancements would be minor, but how far will society actuallyRead MoreThe Sickle Of Sickle Cell Disease921 Words   |  4 PagesSickle Cell Disease, also referred to as SCD, is a genetically inherited disease that causes abnormal hemoglobin, called hemoglobin S or sickle hemoglobin, in red blood cells. This disease currently affects about 90,000-100,000 Americans, a majority being African-American. Because SCD is genetically inherited, it is not contagious. It is inherited when both parents of a child carry the sickle cell trait, also called SCT. SCT and SCD are not the same. In SCT, the person is generally healthy and doesRead MoreBenefits And Dilemmas Of Human Twin Studies1071 Words   |  5 Pagesregard to a certain condition, they have a hard time because they cannot generally get p eople with the same genes. This is where twin studies come in. Twins studies are part of the method used in behaviour genetics, which includes all data that are genetically informative. E.g. siblings, adoptees, pedigree data etc. Researchers use this method to estimate the heritability of traits and to quantify the effect of a person s shared environment (family) and unique environment (the individual events thatRead MoreGaucher Disease Types I, II, IIi869 Words   |  4 PagesGaucher Disease Types I, II, III Gaucher Disease is a type of lysosomal storage disorder. The importance is that they are meant to keep everything in order. Lysosomes are microscopic organelles that have a primary function to serve as digestion compartments. According to Davidson, (1) â€Å"lysosomes help break down many different materials such as fats, proteins, waste products, and more to transfer those compounds to become new cell building materials†. Consequentially, making lysosomes an importantRead MoreGenetic Engineering Research Paper1341 Words   |  6 Pages This is called â€Å"genetic engineering.† Genetic Engineering is prematurely applied to food production. There are estimates that food output must increase by 60 percent over the next 25 years to keep up with demand. Thus, the result of scientist genetically altering plants for more consumption. The two most common methods for gene transfer are biological and electromechanical. â€Å"Early experiments all involved changing DNA using b acterial vectors†(Randerson, 2001). Through other advances scientists proclaim

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A Profile of the Karabiner 98k

The Karabiner 98k was the last in a long line of rifles designed for the German military by Mauser. Tracing its roots to the Lebel Model 1886, the Karabiner 98k was most directly descended from the Gewehr 98 (Model 1898) which first introduced an internal, metallic five-cartridge magazine. In 1923, the Karabiner 98b was introduced as the primary rifle for the post-World War I German military. As the Treaty of Versailles prohibited the Germans from producing rifles, the Karabiner 98b was labeled a carbine despite the fact that it was essentially an improved Gewehr 98. In 1935, Mauser moved to upgrade the Karabiner 98b by altering several of its components and shortening its overall length. The result was the Karabiner 98 Kurz (Short Carbine Model 1898), better known as the Karabiner 98k (Kar98k). Like its predecessors, the Kar98k was a bolt-action rifle, which limited its rate of fire, and was relatively unwieldy. One change was the shift to using laminated stocks rather than single pieces of wood, as testing had shown that plywood laminates were better at resisting warping. Entering service in 1935, over 14 million Kar98ks were produced by the end of World War II. Specifications Cartridge: 7.92 x 57 mm (8 mm Mauser)Capacity: 5-round stripper clip inserted into an internal magazineMuzzle Velocity: 760 m/secEffective Range: 547 yards, 875 yards with opticsWeight: 8-9 lbs.Length: 43.7 in.Barrel Length: 23.6 in.Attachments: Knife Bayonet S84/98, rifle grenades German and World War II Usage The Karabiner 98k saw service in all theaters of World War II that involved the German military, such as Europe, Africa, and Scandinavia. Though the Allies moved towards using semi-automatic rifles, such as the M1 Garand, the Wehrmacht retained the bolt-action Kar98k with its small five-round magazine. This was largely due to their tactical doctrine which emphasized the light machine gun as the basis of a squads firepower. In addition, the Germans frequently preferred to use submachine guns, like the MP40, in close combat or urban warfare. In the final year and a half of the war, the Wehrmacht began phasing out the Kar98k in favor of the new Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) assault rifle. While the new weapon was effective, it was never produced in sufficient numbers and the Kar98k remained the primary German infantry rifle until the end of hostilities. In addition, the design also saw service with the Red Army which purchased licenses to manufacture them prior to the war. While few were produced in the Soviet Union, captured Kar98ks were used widely by the Red Army during its early war arms shortage. Postwar Use Following World War II, millions of Kar98ks were captured by the Allies. In the West, many were given to rebuilding nations to rearm their militaries. France and Norway adopted the weapon and factories in Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia began producing their own versions of the rifle. Those German weapons taken by the Soviet Union were kept in case of a future war with NATO. Over time, many of these were given to nascent communist movements around the world. Many of these ended up in Vietnam and were used by the North Vietnamese against the United States during the Vietnam War. Elsewhere, the Kar98k ironically served with the Jewish Haganah and later, the Israeli Defense Forces in the late 1940s and 1950s. Those weapons that were obtained from captured German stockpiles had all Nazi iconography removed and replaced with IDF and Hebrew markings. The IDF also purchased large stocks of Czech and Belgian-produced versions of the rifle. In the 1990s, the weapons were again deployed during the conflicts in former Yugoslavia. While no longer used by militaries today, the Kar98k is popular with shooters and collectors.

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The 1911 Chinese Revolution Essay - 1156 Words

The 1911 Revolution kicked out the Qing Dynasty and broke the barriers to different developments in China. However, the 1911 Revolution has only provided a framework of a republic and made changes in some particular aspects related to immediate problems and difficulties in society. Hence, the relationship between the revolution and the subsequent development of China was very weak. On one hand, I do not agree with the latter part of the statement that the 1911 Revolution brought new problems to China. The conflicts and problems that China suffered in the early/ mid 1910s were mainly due to the weakness of the military force, conflicting political organizations and disorder in society. On the other hand, I agree with the first part of the†¦show more content†¦The New Army was the best trained and best equipped imperial military force in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, Yuan Shikai, who was the commander of the New Army, could get the place of Prime Minister from Sun Yikxian after 1911 Revolution. Yuan agreed to a â‚ ¤25 million Reorganization Loan to support his army without parliamentary discussion and appointed officials of his own choice. However, like Yuan Shikai, officials such as Li Yuanhong and Duan Qiui did not have the military forces and power to control other regional military leaders. This resulted in the rise of warlordism and wars between regions always broke out. Violence and assassination became ways to change the political situation. Moreover, he revived the monarchical system and subsequently appointed himself as emperor. This conveyed that Yuans behaviors destroyed the democratic system of the Republic. Due to his political actions, Sun and some activists founded the Chinese Revolutionary Party to oppose Yuan. Hence, Yuan Shikai was one of the major factors that caused social instability and failure of new democratic system of China. Besides military weakness, conflicting political organizations with different political views were another major factor. In Guomindang, there were two sides of intellectuals – Sun Yatsen was militant while Hang Hsing and Wang Chingwei were conservatives. Sun did not agree with Huangs promotion of socialism andShow MoreRelatedChinese Revolution Of 1911 Essay1743 Words   |  7 Pagestwo revolutions (one in 1911 and one in 1949) and a civil war. From these events, a new China rose; governed not by its traditional Imperial system, but under the iron grip of communism. While the Chinese Communist Revolution is the most well known, in order to more clearly understand the series of events that took place and their causes, one must go deeper. The conditions that made the communist revolution possible were set up in the in the prior revolution and beyond. Leading to Revolution TheRead MoreThe Causes of the 1911 Revolution Essays676 Words   |  3 PagesThe Causes of the 1911 Revolution The Chinese revolution broke out in 1911 under the conflict of manzhous which were the Qing and the revolutionaries. The revolution broke out with the uprising of Sichuan province. The Qing government nationalized the railway in Sichuan province. The students were angered at the government’s action and protested on the streets for delaying the nationalization. On August 24 1911, between the conflict of protesters and the government troopsRead MoreCompare the 1911 Revolution and the May Fourth Movement in Terms of Their Nature and Impact.1040 Words   |  5 PagesThe 1911 Revolution was an uprising initiated by the revolutionaries to overthrow the Qing Court, while the May Fourth Movement was anti-Japanese movement. In terms of their nature, they are quite similar; both of them are nationalistic, democratic, anti-government and anti-traditional. And in terms of their nature, both of them had made changes. They can be categorized into different aspects like politically, economically and intellectually. Firstly, the 1911 Revolution and the May Fourth MovementRead MoreSun Yat-Sen1450 Words   |  6 PagesYat-sen’s) role in bringing about the 1911 Revolution in China. Sun Yat-sen’s role in the 1911 revolution against the Qing dynasty was an indirect one. Sun Yat-sen was exiled in the United States during the events of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10th, 1911, hearing about it through a newspaper publication in Denver, Colorado.[1] Many Historians view Sun’s accession as the provisional President of the Republic of China, directly following the revolution, as due to his position as a â€Å"compromiseRead MoreCompare and Contrast the Russian and Chinese Revolutions Essay example778 Words   |  4 PagesRussian and Chinese Revolutions The Russian and Chinese revolution both may perhaps have been no more different, each both with the establishment of two different concepts that lead to the shifting of their countries. These both experienced encounters with foreign influences and connections. The ways of the both were oddly different due to one wanting the end of interactions with the West and China who actually wanted to adopt more to their ways of the West. The Russian revolution was essentiallyRead MoreWorld History Research Paper1505 Words   |  7 Pagesown country. Peasants become on the move and a revolution is about to come. Groups of revolutionaries start to form and war is about to break. Discontent broke out in China in the early 1900s because of the Opium War, European and Japanese countries taking over parts of China, the hardships faced by the people of China after foreign domination, and the laws placed on China by force by foreign countries, which caused civil war and a conservative revolution. The Opium War caused many foreign countriesRead MoreThe Revolution Of The Revolutionary Revolution1420 Words   |  6 Pagesfor economic gain. The Chinese immediately renounced imperialism. The revolution that took place in China from 1839 to the present was in part a reaction to the aggressive advancements of imperialism. A pattern arose, A power would impose it’s will on China, and China was too weak to defend itself. This angered the Chinese people and pushed them toward revolution. The leader of the revolution, Mao Tse-tung, wrote about how each altercation with imperialists influenced a Chinese response for change,Read MoreThe Xinhai Revolution Of 19111666 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The Xinhai Revolution of 1911 was a watershed moment in Chinese history, changing its foreign relations politically, culturally, and economically. More importantly, it not only ended the imperial system that had been in place for centuries, but also established foundations for the Republic of China. After a series of about 40 uprisings between October 10, 1911 and February 12, 1912 lead by revolutionary leader Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the Revolution of 1911 finally came to an end with the abdicationRead MoreChina s Democracy And Human Right Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesOctober 1911, the smoke of gunpowder enveloped the Wuhan City and the water in Yangtze River was bloodied red. The Wuchang Uprising broken up. Just in two months next to the revolution, fifteen Chinese provinces declared their independence and prepare to build a new republic government. 1st January 1912, the first Asian presidential system country- Republic of China was built in Nanjing then the emperor of Manchuria abdicat ed at end of this year. From this year, four thousand years’ Chinese absoluteRead MoreMay Fourth Movement and 1911 Revolution2193 Words   |  9 Pagesmovement was far more important than the 1911 revolution†. Discuss. China made its modernisation through revolutions. There are two historical event scholars believes can be threat as milestone of the transformation: 1911 Xinhai revolution, which brings an end to the two thousand year of monarchy; May fourth movement which carried out by students in Beijing protesting against the unfair treatment China get on the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The word revolution means ‘the fundamental change of power’

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Problem Solving And Digital Operationsâ€Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss About The Problem Solving And Digital Operations? Answer: Introduction Customer churn rate, also referred to as the customer attrition rate is the number of customers who discontinue their services from a certain organization or business within a certain period. For any business to keep on growing, the number of new customers must always exceed the churn rate. Customer churn rate is usually calculated by dividing the number of customers who leave a business to the number of new customers who join the business. Churn rate is normally expressed as a percentage (Rogers, 2014). In this report, we are going to take a case study of Commonwealth Bank to do some data analysis on some of its data. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank which operates in several countries such as Fiji, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Asia. It offers several financial services to the people of Australia and other countries. The services offered by the bank include business and institutional banking, insurance services, superannuation, funds management, investments, share-broking services. The corporate responsibility of the bank is to excel in delivering its vision which aims at securing and enhancing the financial status of the people and other businesses (Commonwealth Bank of Australia, August 2017). The major problem facing Commonwealth Bank The major problem which has been affecting Commonwealth Bank is the customers unsatisfaction with the bank. Most customers are not satisfied with the services offered by the bank and have ended up leaving the bank, and this has raised the churn rate. However, the bank has been working extremely hard to make sure it satisfies most of its customers to reduce the churn rate of the customers. The key metrics that define and address the customers unsatisfaction The bank has undertaken some key metrics to make sure it satisfies most of its customers for them to remain royal. Firstly, the bank has increased the customers engagement in its innovations, and this has helped to increase its profits. The bank recorded an increase of 2 percent in the net profits in the 2016 financial year. The engagement of customers in its innovations and other operations has helped to increase the profits made by the bank and has also improved the customers satisfaction in the business. Commonwealth Bank was ranked number one in the retail customer satisfaction in all the months of the 2016 financial year (Williams, 2016). Also, the bank has been giving some rewards and other bonuses to its customers. These rewards and bonuses have helped to improve the customers satisfaction, and many customers have remained to be loyal to the bank. Another metric undertaken by the Commonwealth Bank to address the issue of customer satisfaction is giving loans to its customers at reasonably low-interest rates. The low-interest rates offered by the bank have resulted in improved customers satisfaction, and many customers have joined the bank which has led to an increase in the net profits margins of the bank (Koppenheffer, October 2013). (A simplified statistical table showing the rates of interests of the Commonwealth bank is shown on the next page). Another metric which the bank has taken to improve the satisfaction of the customers is to make sure it pays all of its employees well. Paying the employees well helps to improve their motivation. They will be happy working in the bank, and therefore, offer excellent services to the customers, and this will improve the satisfaction of the customers (Commonwealth Bank, May 2016). (A graph showing the payments of various employees depending on their academics qualifications is shown on the pay-scale on the next page). All the metrics discussed have helped to maintain a good financial status of the bank. The financial status of the bank of the year 2016 is shown on the next page. The methods which can be used to analyze different sets of the data of the Commonwealth bank. We have various methods which can be used to analyze the data of the Commonwealth Bank. The major methods used in the analysis of the data include the use of some special computer software such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and other special statistical software. Other methods which can be used in the data analysis include the use of some special mathematical software such as Microsoft Mathematics or other software such as SAP. We have many other methods and different software which are used in data analysis and the choice of the method and the software to use depends on the complexity, the size, and the type of data to be analyzed. An example of analysis of using Microsoft Excel data analysis method to solve the minimum, the maximum, the total and the average salaries of the employees using the Commonwealth pay-scale data in the previous page. The key stakeholders of Commonwealth Bank Commonwealth Bank has many internal and external stakeholders. The main internal stakeholders of the bank include the management team, the investors, and the employees of the bank. Tthe external stakeholders of the bank include the customers within and outside of Australia, the government of Australia, some unions within Australia, and some other organizations within and out of Australia who has worked closely with the bank (tutor2u, 2017). Design of a system which can be used to present the insights of the stakeholders For us to come with a good design of a system which could be used to present insights to the stakeholders of the Commonwealth Bank, we need to come up with a stakeholder analysis plan. This is the plan which gives the full analysis of the stakeholders. It considers the stakeholders interests, the capabilities of the stakeholders to oppose reforms or accommodate them, and the contributions of the stakeholders in formulating and implementing certain policies in the bank. We have four major attributes of the stakeholders which are considered before designing the system. These are the stakeholders positions in the bank, the powers or the influences of the stakeholders, the levels of the interests of the stakeholders, and the groups or coalitions where the stakeholders belong or where they can be associated with. These attributes define the capabilities of the stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of various policies of the bank (Boutelle, 2004). These attributes should be considered for us to understand the different roles of different stakeholders in the bank. A tabular format can be used to elaborate the contributions of various stakeholders of the Commonwealth Bank. A sample table which can be used to show the contributions of various stakeholders in Commonwealth Bank is shown below. S/N THE STAKEHOLDERS NAME THE POSITION OF THE STAKEHOLDER THE NEW POLICIES SUGGESTED BY THE STAKEHOLDER THE GOALS OF THE NEW POLICIES THE INTERESTS OF THE STAKEHOLDER THE INFLUENCE LEVEL OF THE STAKEHOLDER 1 2 3 4 5 The table given can be used to discuss the contributions of various stakeholders in the Commonwealth Bank. It is good to note that the contributions of the stakeholders highly dependent on their positions, power, interests, and influence in the bank. The CEO is the most powerful stakeholder in the organization. The benefits of Commonwealth Bank The bank offers competitive salaries and other awards to its employees. The bank recognizes its long-serving employees by celebrating their anniversaries of one year, five years, and twenty years. The bank offers high-quality banking services, investments, and other services to its employees and the other customers. The bank has a good employee share plan. The bank gives its employees some shares every year. The employees receive the shares corresponding to their performance, and we may have some employees receiving up to $1,000 annually. The bank offers salary sacrifice shares to its employees. The employees of Commonwealth Bank can purchase shares worth up to $5,000 annually, and the shares are sold on a pre-tax basis to the employees. The bank has many other benefits to its employees, stakeholders, and all the people associated with the bank (The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 2017). The consequences of the Commonwealth Bank The bank has contributed a great part to the observed climate change which has resulted in global warming in Australia. However, the bank is working hard to mitigate the effects which lead to climate change (Lyengar, August 2017). The market risks which such as the low-interest rates in the world market has resulted in some losses to the investors. It is always recommended to monitor the relevant interest rates in the market before investing in the Commonwealth Bank(Commonwealth Bank of Australia, March 2014). The factors which influence the students decision-making processes We have various factors which influence the different decisions made by different students. These factors include the parental and the personal factors, the social, economic and the environmental factors, the education level and the different reasoning skills of the student. In this report, the personal factors, the education level, and the different reasoning skills of each student play a great role in influencing the different decisions made by different students in doing the report (Genise, April 2014). The challenges faced in the implementation of the solutions There are many challenges which have been faced in the implementation of this report. These challenges include the following: The sources of the required data have been a great problem. Most of the Commonwealth Banks data is restricted from visitors access. Some sources of the banks data are private and require some login credentials which the students dont have. Other sources of data require being purchased for access. Some of the available data is very complicated and poses a great challenge for full analysis. The full interpretation and analysis of the data require some special software which may be challenging to acquire and use successfully. We have other challenges which have been faced in the implementation of the solutions of these report. However, I have worked to overcome those challenges to deliver a good report. The concepts of data analytics learned from this assessment Data analytics is the process of cleansing, inspecting, transforming, and modeling of data with the aims of discovering some useful information and suggesting some useful conclusions which help in the process of decision making. Data analytics is very necessary and helps to improve the performance of organizations (Beal, 2016). In this assessment, we have learned several concepts of data analytics. Firstly, in the calculation of churn rate, we learned the formula for calculating the churn rate. Churn rate is normally used to analyze the data of the customers leaving the bank as compared to the number of new customers joining the bank. We use the concept of data analytics to calculate the churn rates of different organizations. In this assessment, we have learned some data analytics method. We have learned how to use Microsoft Excel do some analysis on the data of Commonwealth bank. We also learn the different modes of tabulations of different types of data. We have also used some graphs to tabulate some statistical data of the bank which enhance our data analytics skills. The challenges and obstacles overcame in the completion the assessment. One of the major challenges and obstacles in the assessment was getting the sources of the required data. However, extensive research has helped to get the required data. The complexity of some data has also been a serious challenge. I tried to simplify the obtained data reduce its complexity for a better analysis. The problem of unreferenced sources has also been a challenge in the research. Some sources are not references properly, and you cant tell whether the sources are credible or not. I have tried to avoid the problem by avoiding the unreferenced sources and using the referenced credible sources only. Conclusion In the report, we have discussed the operation of the Commonwealth Bank in details. We have also discussed the churn rate of the business and some factors which affect the churn rate. We have also analyzed some data from the Commonwealth Bank, and this analysis has helped us to understand the operation of the Commonwealth Bank well. This has also helped to improve our data analytics skills. We have also discussed some benefits and consequences of the bank which have informed us more about the bank. In our report, we have encountered various challenges which tried to limit the research on the Commonwealth Bank, but we have handled the challenges accordingly to come up with a good report. In conclusion, we can say that taking the case study of the Commonwealth Bank to do some data analysis helps to improve our general understanding in data analysis, problems solving, and digital operations. References Agresti, A., 2014. Categorical Data Analysis. Hoboken: Wiley. Anon., 2008. Commonwealth Bank. Sydney: Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Beal, V., 2016. Big Data Analytics, s.l.: s.n. Boutelle, J., 2004. Understanding Organizational Stakeholders for Design Success, s.l.: s.n. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, August 2017. 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report, s.l.: s.n. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, March 2014. Security Investments. Commonwealth Bank, pp. 6-7. Commonwealth Bank, May 2016. Interest Rate Table. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 2017]. Dillard, J., 2016. 5 Most Important Methods For Statistical Data Analysis. [Online] Available at: Genise, M., April 2014. Factors that Affect the Decision-Making Process of African American Students, Minnesota: Minnesota State University. Koppenheffer, D., October 2013. Choosing a Bank Stock: 3 Key Metrics, s.l.: s.n. Lyengar, R., August 2017. Australia's top bank sued over climate change risks, New Delhi: s.n. Meneely, A., 2012. Interactive churn metrics. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 37(6). Rogers, B., 2014. How to Calculate Customer Churn and Revenue Churn. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 15 June 2014]. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 2017. Employment Benefits of a CommBank Career - CommBank Careers. [Online] Available at: tutor2u, 2017. Stakeholders(Introduction). [Online] Available at: Williams, A., 2016. CBA full-year results show strength in customer satisfaction. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 10 08 2017].

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Analytical Essay Sample on “The Crucible” Different Interpretations

Analytical Essay Sample on â€Å"The Crucible† Different Interpretations Essay: texts can be read in different ways. Choose two readings of The Crucible, and analyse their different interpretations in terms of the focus of their argument, foregrounding of information and language use. Different people interpret things differently. Many things can influence such an interpretation. To understand this concept two different reviews of the film The Crucible will be examined. These two reviews will demonstrate that texts, in this case, The Crucible, can be read differently. Both reviews have distinctive elements of style and focus on different aspects of the text. While both reviews have pragmatic values, commending the actors on their performances, the two reviews focus on separate aspects of the film. The first review, written by Bill Crucie concentrates on the social context of the film, and its entertainment value. It is written informally with extensive colloquial language and Crucie uses exaggeration that boarders on hyperbole. Crucies review disagrees with the second review on the matter of characterization, and how they are represented. Crucies report of the characters is different due to the different angle he takes. The second review, by Greg King, analyses th e film, not from an entertainment angle, like Crucie, but from a context view. King writes a formal piece, from a far more objective angle. The review focuses on the political context of the film. Both reviews differ, and it is this difference that illustrates the ability to contain different meanings, and evoke different readings. The two reviews focus on different aspects, foregrounding what they each think is important. The foregrounding of different ideas illustrates the different interpretations. Both share the notion that the film contains universal themes; however this is the only common thought. The two reviews focus on different aspects, for the reason that they are each aimed at dissimilar audiences. Crucie focuses on the social context of the film, its entertainment value and what he believes to be the main ideas of the film. The social context is discussed in depth, and combined with the use of personal pronoun, colloquial language, and hyperbole, creates a familiar tone, doused with excitement. They chant and dance, wishing for men that they love this line shows the social element of the review. Crucie is able to recreate the film, discussing the social elements. Combined with the tone, the responder is almost able to hear the tone of Crucies voice, and see his face animated as he discusses Abigail s affair. Crucie discusses the entertainment value held by the film. Crucie plays up the love story, elaborating extensively, and creates an unrealistic expectation from the responder, by claiming the film has undercurrents of all genres. is able to combine romance, suspense, comedy, and much more This kind of exaggeration continues throughout the review, adding to the already created tone of excitement. Similar to the exaggeration, this kind of generalization is able to appeal to people of all kinds of, creating the impression that this film falls into all categories, and will be enjoyed by all. The themes of the film are also identified by Crucie. He is able to link the idea of power with the sexual endeavors of the characters. Kings review however focuses on entirely different points. King focuses far more on the historical and political context of the play. This is introduced immediately with comparisons being made between the McCarthy era, and the witch trials. As an indictment of the frenzied mass hysteria of the McCarthy era and the parallels with the poisonous politics and relentless persecution are unmistakable. This instantly provides the review with a more serious tone, enabling it to take a formal, sophisticated approach. Similar to Crucie, King identifies some of the themes present within the film. Paranoia, betrayal, persecution, bigotry King also is able to recognize the unlikely hero in the character of John Proctor. King elaborates on this opinion discussing indirectly the elements of the unlikely hero. Both articles concur that the film contains universal themes, relevant in any context. Themes are very much present in todays society and powerful themes are still relevant forty years later. Quotes from the respective reviews illustrate this. The two reviews focus on different aspects of the film, with Crucies review concentrating on the entertainment values, while King focuses on the historical and political aspects of the film. While the reviews focus on different aspects they also use different techniques to achieve this. Crucie employs a familiar, excited tone, while King uses a more sophisticated style of writing. I remember many classics in high school this is the opening line of Crucies review. Immediately he creates a familiar tone by using the personal pronoun, to create trust, and an anecdote. To compare this with Kings opening line, paranoia, betrayal all important ingredients of this powerful film adaptation it is clear that the initial tone created is different. King creates a formal tone. Crucie initiates an excited tone by using exaggeration bordering on hyperbole. The language that Crucie employs is very informal and extensive colloquial language is utilized. This combines with the exaggeration to create a relaxed piece of writing. Kings word choice varies greatly to that of Crucies. King uses a wider variety of language, with a much better vocabulary. This creates a formal sophisticated piece of writing. King uses constant superlatives to create a favorable review of the actors, magnificent job, superb job. King also chooses strong emotive words to express a subtle opinion. This is shown in the description of Abigail, spiteful, vengeful, and achieves the composers objective of positioning the responder. To add to the formal tone, King utilizes the effect of using historical information, which provides a structured review and an acceptable level of formality. King, in addition provides a slight tonal change, where he slowly begins to include his opinion, this is seen with the addition of emotive words. This allows him to position the reader favorably. King also provides commentary on the story, and the characters, again assisting his positioning of the composer. He comments on the stylistic elements, and this reflect the style of the piece, deftly shifts the emphasis away from its stage origins, focusing the attention on the intense confrontations and the rich characters . This technique is also made use of by Crucie. He provides a running commentary on the development of the love story, and the characters, as the love story evolves paranoid village. Again this mirrors the style of the writing. Along with this commentary, contrasting Kings technique is a very strong opinion, designed to openly position the responder. Another technique Crucie employs is contradiction. The following two lines demonstrate this. Serious suspense provides a heart-pounding climax, and For a film desperately relying on the power of its actors, These lines, and the contradiction present highlights the actors abilities, after continues superlatives praising the entertainment value of the film. The two reviews use different techniques to highlight their desired focuses, and to position the reader in their respective favors. CrucieÐ ¢s review uses simpler language, and a less formal style, while King exhibits his sophisticated, formal style in his article. These techniques ec ho the chosen style, and ultimately their choice of aspects focused upon. The two reviews each focus on different aspects and elements of the film. Crucie identifies the love story, and is able to sympathize with the character of Abigail. King on the other hand, foregrounds the parallels between the film and the McCarthy era. King also discusses Abigails motives, and the hidden hero in proctor. Crucie identifies the evil within Abigail, she realizes she has the power to condemn anyone she wants. But then continues and justifies this evil. Of course, the power is an undeniably strong and almost erotic sensation. Crucie seems to almost sympathize with Abigail. He recognizes that her motives and resultant power are enough to justify her actions. Despite acknowledging that Abigail was the ring leader, Crucie does not extend his sympathy to the girls, and their actions. As all the girls know, if you deny witchcraft, you are hanged. Crucies interpretation of Mary Warren is not as one would expect. In the film, Mary risks her life to tell the truth, so one would expect the description of this to be favorable, yet Crucie uses a monotonous tone to describe Marys actions. Finally Crucie is able to recognize the hidden hero in Proctor. His flawed hero as Crucie describes it, is in fact very flawed. Crucie spotlights Proctors flaws, and mistakes continually throughout the review, who once had an affair with her. Similar to crucie, King points out the unlikely hero that is John Proctor. He however does not necessarily flaunt Proctors flaw, as Crucie did. King uses superlatives to commend the character of Proctor, strength and courage, and appears sensitive with his situation. Contrasting to Crucies views on Abigail are Kings comments on Abigail. King recognizes the evil and horrible character, and dismisses the motives. He describes her as spiteful, vengeful, and then recognizes that her corrupt nature is infecting the whole town. Crucie retells the story, adding overtones of his opinions. He comments on the characters and the events unraveling, the rest of the girls know exactly what she is doing. He also highlights the love story, and identifies other plots occurring simultaneously. Crucie enjoys the concept of a love story thoroughly, and identifies elements common with both The Crucible, and a typical love story. Crucie links this with emotive words, which emphasizes the concept of a love story. Combined with this another parallel plot emerges. This parallel plot is linked with following emotive terms, and takes on its own status as almost a second film. Crucie expands of the elements of the film, discussing extensive use of suspense and its effectiveness. Most suspenseful, and serious suspense, are used to describe depicted scenes. Crucie then commends the actors on their terrific depiction of their respective characters. King does this also. King uses superlatives to commend the actors on their brilliant representations of their characters. Rare depth and emotional range. King also discusses the parallels between the film and events occurring in the McCarthy era. He describes these links as being obvious, and unmistakable. King acknowledges that background knowledge is unnecessary in order to appreciate the film, and describes it as a provocative piece of drama. Similarly to Crucie King provides commentary on the plot unfolding. He adopts a tone of mockery when discussing the events of the town. King provides a more objective tone when discussing the social elements of the film, but a great deal of commentary when discussing the characters. Finally, King comments on the changes occurring when adapted for film. He highly praises the changes, deftly shifts the emphasis away from its stage origins, focusing attention on the intense confrontations and the rich characters that propel the dramatic narrative identifies genre, and focusing on the setting, and brilliant shoots. The two reviews have interpreted the film in different ways. This is shown in their different appreciations of the film, its cha racters and elements typical with the genre. Both reviews have similar focuses. They indentify the universal themes, praise the actor, and comment on the plot. However, this is the extent of their harmony. When different people view a text they will interpret it in different ways, depending on their background. To see this difference an analysis of the focuses, techniques and interpretations is used. As the two reviews did in fact focus on different aspects, and utilize different styles and techniques, it can be understood that Bill Crucie and Greg King interpreted the film in different ways. As well as different focuses and techniques, Crucie and King fore grounded different ideas, and aspects. This confirms the notion that different text can be read in different ways.

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Michael Dell essays

Michael Dell essays Entrepreneurship is defined as a person who takes all the risk in the business to start. Michael Dell is just that he had an idea for selling and manufacturing. In this paper this will be discussed from the beginning till the end exactly what he went through and what he got out of taking that risk and presenting something new to the world. First of all Michael dell was born in February 25th, 1965 ing Houston Texas. The way his story sounds reads like a business fairytale. He attended the University of Texas, he had nothing but an idea on his mind no way to fulfill it no money to fund it. He wanted to become a Doctor or to own his own little business his preference was an electronic store but like any other college student he had no money. One day he was sitting in his bedroom at his parents house, with an apple computer he got to thinking about the purchase of computers and that there was always a middleman and the extra cost of accessories. He started to take apart the Apple Computer to get acquainted to the heart of the computers. Then it dawned on him that he can sell computers directly to the customer without the unnecessary middleman so he can keep the production cost low. So he started selling the computers directly from his dorm room. After setting all this up he got an even better idea, customization of the P C to the Customers need. Prior to this, there was no such thing as computer customization. You bought it the way it was built and a rush delivery service straight to the customers. He then started the dell dormComp Service, where he started to sell, repair, and customize computers for his College buddies. This was his primary way of earning money for the extra needs. Second of all he then founded the Dell Corporation with $ 1000 in 1984.He entered into the computer industry as an underdog competing with such companies as IBM and Apple, they saw dell as a minor threat. It took Dell a little while ...

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Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America Vol II, Part 1, Chap 1-11 Essay

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America Vol II, Part 1, Chap 1-11 - Essay Example Alexis believes that the doctrines and methods of Descartes, Luther and Voltaire are applied best in America (Gutenberg). Although Americans are more liberal in thought and practice yet Christianity holds a mystical power; with politics or laws not affecting change on the religious beliefs (Gradesaver). Alexis regards that Americans are deep rooted in their ideology because they have not gone through any democratic revolution, thus no major shift in their ideological concepts has resulted (Tocqueville). Alexis says that societies only prosper when they have thoughts, ideas and actions that they have in common, and commonalities result from common belief systems and not following individual paths (Gradesaver). Tocqueville suggests that man does not have enough time to define and explain all the truths on his own and thus has to believe already established truths, which have either been established by people of superior intellect or by societies (Gutenberg). He thinks that every man’s intellect complies with the higher authority to a varying degree; no mind can be completely independent and free of all authority (Gradesaver). American people are more apt to believe in religion due to the majority of society believing in it, as the majority of people are believed to have equal capability of believing the truth thus; religion finds its strength based in public opinion (Tocqueville). Alexis believes that the tendency of American people to investigate every truth independently; unconsciously leads them to reverting to the behavior and attitudes of mankind and thus a generalization of views emerges (Tocqueville). Americans believe in equality which gives birth to generalization; the English are more inclined towards an aristocratic way of life, thus leading to particularity and negating individuality (Gutenberg). On the other hand, according to Tocqueville, Americans do not revert to